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Work Packages

The overarching goal of My way to health is to anchor existing interdisciplinary scientific communities of LIFE by structuring at long term a Centre for Advanced Trajectories Medicine for Chronic Diseases (Sleep apnoea, Asthma and Cancer).

Whilst WP1 will be devoted to governance, dissemination, and coordination, WP5 will ensure the structuration and the sustainability strategy for the Institute of Trajectories Medicine. WP2 will establish multidisciplinary scientific tools for pioneering trajectories medicine (molecular pathways and biomarkers of trajectories; know how social inequalities, exposome, and altitude are modifying individual trajectories). In parallel, WP3 will establish a unique scalable and secure data processing pipeline with interactive analytical layers enabling domain experts and data scientists to collaborate in developing and testing hypotheses on the determinants of health trajectories. WP4 will prospectively include transdisciplinary modulators of trajectories identified in WP3 in routine clinical care and research during proof-of-concept projects.

Using sleep apnoea as a demonstrative the primary goal of this WP is to understand the interrelations between the various determinants of health trajectories in patients with Sleep Apnoea, with or without comorbidities (Cardiovascular, metabolic or cancer). Based on cohorts of patients and experimental model data, we will investigate the interplay between molecular pathways, biological traits, the exposome, lifestyle (sleep, exercise) and social inequalities leading to unique health trajectories.

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One of the principal shortcomings in trajectories medicine is the lack of integration of the entire spectrum of individual determinants including clinical, environmental, social, societal and behavioural factors into the prediction of patients’ treatment responses and outcomes. Different sets of data already exist or will be produced and collected by partnerships of the CDP in a wide variety of formats. To overcome this heterogeneity, the aim of this WP is to address both the technical challenges of integrating these data in a centralized and unique repository and the complex security and regulatory issues related to the need for remote access by both academic and industrial partners to perform analysis thanks to a big data analytics cloud. This secured platform will provide infrastructure, analytics, interoperability, quality control, security, privacy and service layers for collecting, aggregating, storing, accessing, analysing and visualizing multiscale data according to a user-centred design. We will build this secured platform based on prior knowledge we have acquired using different databases.

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To improve characterization of health trajectories with patients’ risk stratifications and prediction of responses to interventions, we will include the scientific knowledge gained from WP2 and used the secured data platform established in WP3 to: 1) identify specific patient profiles or typical longitudinal patterns of evolution over time (trajectories), and 2) build novel predictive models and tools useful for clinical management that take into account the heterogeneity of patients’ trajectories.

The construction of patient trajectories from a large set of multidimensional covariates from different sources and repeatedly measured over time raises methodological challenges that will be addressed by a dedicated biostatistical team, combining the strengths of several biostatisticians (HP2, LIG, UGA data institute) in partnership with national and international experts.

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During the course of "My Way to Health", step by step we will put in place the complementary building blocks for a Centre for Advanced Trajectory Medicine (CAT-Med).

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Submitted on October 31, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024