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"My Way to Health" in a nutshell

The project “My Way to Health” aims to accompany the broad changes in the evolution of medical care. Recent years have brought about a shift from curative methods of treatment to more preventative approaches, whereby patients’ medical trajectories are assessed and analysed in order to avoid the development or worsening of pathologies. In this respect, the concept of “trajectories medicine” has gained momentum.

The objective of this project is to build an initiative between different research laboratories from Université Grenoble Alpes, that will conduct research to further decipher health trajectories in chronic diseases. Sleep apnoea will be used as a demonstrator of chronic disease in this context. During this three-year project we will initiate four approaches: socio-cultural, omics and biomarkers, experimental models and cohorts, and large scale population and data.

The aim is to individualise targets that may be appropriate for designing life-style and medical intervention that will curve patients’ trajectories towards a healthier prognosis. This will constitute an off-site Centre of advanced trajectory medicine.

To learn more about the project "My Way to Health", go to the pages Context, Objectives and Work packages.

Trajectories Medicine

The “My way to health” project is summarized by the concept of “trajectories medicine”. Health needs to be considered from the perspective of trajectories, characterized by complexity, timing, plasticity, enlightenment, and balance. The concept of health trajectories recognizes health as being dynamic, able to change over the course of a lifetime, and highlights the importance of optimizing both an individual’s health trajectory and developments in the health system. Health trajectories reflect an individual’s medical condition as well as external factors that modulate disease trajectories (exposures, lifestyle, social inequality, education, access to care), with measurable biomolecular responses.  At the societal scale health trajectories argue for a new organization for value-based care.

Fig. 1 Adapted from Schusler-Fiorensa Rose et al., Nature Medicine 2019

Submitted on October 20, 2023

Updated on February 12, 2024