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The project

The objective of the project "My Way to Health" is to build an initiative between different research laboratories from Université Grenoble Alpes to conduct research on health trajectories in chronic diseases and further the development of "trajectories medicine". Health trajectories reflect an individual’s medical condition as well as external factors that modulate disease trajectories (exposures, lifestyle, social inequality, education, access to care), with measurable biomolecular responses.  At the societal scale health trajectories argue for a new organization for value-based care. Sleep apnoea will be used as a demonstrator of chronic disease in this context. During this three-year project we will initiate four approaches: socio-cultural, omics and biomarkers, experimental models and cohorts, and large scale population and data.

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The partners

The consortium unites experts from interdisciplinary fields across three different departments of Université Grenoble Alpes (CBS, MSTIC, PSS). Various research laboratories are involved : HP2, Pacte, IAB, LIG, LJK, GRICAD, BGE, AGEIS.

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