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WP5 Centre for Advanced Trajectory Medicine (CAT-Med)

As a result of the collective and successful dynamic of all laboratories involved in the CDP LIFE project, the Centre for Advanced Trajectories Medicine will benefit from (i) governance bodies, presented in WP1, and (ii) the existing network of multidisciplinary research laboratories from Université Grenoble Alpes, presented in WP2.

The Centre for Advanced Trajectories Medicine will also be supported by two new hard and soft infrastructures: (i) the launch of the Centre for Research in Integrative Health (CRESI) in 2024 accelerating the workflow for cohort management and biobanking, and (ii) a secure data platform with innovative layers for analyses (WP3 and 4).

To ensure the sustainability and financial viability of the Centre for Advanced Medicine, the cooperation of the different partners and the participation of all people involved throughout the project’s life cycle is crucial. Moreover, a close link with industrial partners is vital. To achieve this goal, the Centre for Advanced Trajectories Medicine will benefit from the early involvement of UGA university of patients, health authorities, policymakers, and all governing bodies (UGA, CHUGA, INSERM, CNRS, ARS).

Submitted on November 2, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024