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The project “My Way to Health” has the ambition to provide significant scientific results and knowledge on trajectories medicine : 

Biomarkers for trajectories medicine

Suitable biomarkers predicting longitudinal trajectories and the emergence of comorbidities is a pre-requisite for precision medicine for chronic diseases and cancer. The knowledge gained from the Cross Disciplinary Program (CDP) LIFE extended in “My Way to Health” will identify innovative markers (Biomolecular, Digital, sociologic and/or phenotypes) to be integrated in continuous monitoring of trajectories processes and precision medicine indications.

Innovation in clinical trials assessing health interventions

Another objective is to develop pragmatic, randomized trials to assess treatment effectiveness in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and comorbidities. These trials will be nested within the “My Way to Health” project and based on the multilevel outcome collection implemented in Work Package 2 (WP2), using the tools developed in Work Package 3 (WP3). The use of multi-dimensional data coupled with robust methodological approaches is an appealing approach, complementary to the causal inference described in WP4. Implementation of pragmatic trials will involve the complementary expertise of the consortium from the HP2 lab and the CIC (Inserm/CHUGA).

Patient-centred care

The Centre for Advanced Trajectory Medicine (CAT-Med) will address key issues of person-centred care: information, communication, involvement in decision making (co-design of care, research and training), care coordination and care planning (design of a shared personalized care plan).

Digitalization of management of trajectories medicine

A major output of “My Way to Health” will be end-to-end digital medicine solutions including data privacy and interoperability throughout the full care cycle (diagnosis, care, collection of patient-reported outcome measures). This integrated information architecture initially developed for sleep apnoea during the CDP LIFE will be further deployed for other chronic diseases.

Sociological analysis and the Trajectories Medicine

Sociological data and analysis will add an important new dimension to trajectories medicine. The “My Way to health” consortium:

  • possesses expertise on the relevance of integrating sociological data and survey tools (both quantitative and qualitative) into different types of studies and trials  
  • will generate new knowledge on the role played by social determinants in care and health trajectories, with the aim of valorising this through: 1/ a reflection on predictive models for medical decision support; 2/ training courses for health professionals; 3/ the creation of links between CAT-Med and other stakeholders in the health and social landscape (for example, health insurance support missions).
  • will advocate a reflection on Health policies:  trajectory medicine implies rethinking of current compensation models and will impact health policies at local and national levels.

Submitted on December 12, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024