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WP2 : Scientific tools for pioneering trajectories medicine


Using sleep apnoea as a demonstrative the primary goal of this WP is to understand the interrelations between the various determinants of health trajectories in patients with Sleep Apnoea, with or without comorbidities (Cardiovascular, metabolic or cancer). Based on cohorts of patients and experimental model data, we will investigate the interplay between molecular pathways, biological traits, the exposome, lifestyle (sleep, exercise) and social inequalities leading to unique health trajectories.

The objective of WP2 is to build tools to explore populations (cohorts), individuals and animal models exposed to chronic or intermittent hypoxia in different physiological or pathological contexts, and to integrate sociological, epidemiological and biological data (epigenetic, proteomic, metabolomic) associated with the physiological or pathological response to hypoxia.


  • To identify molecular pathways and companion biomarkers reflecting an unambiguous group of patients with a specific sociological, environmental, and clinical phenotype

  • To identify different components of environmental exposome impacting health trajectories.

  • To study how social inequalities in health (i.e. life contexts (occupation, place of residence, altitude, personal environment, lifestyle etc.) contribute to health trajectories.

  • To study the consequences of life contexts in terms of access to care and therapeutic efficacy.

  • To identify mixed mechanisms (social and biological) underlying health and disease.

  • To predict trajectories from a landscape of biological markers and vice versa, given a specific health trajectory be able to infer underlying molecular mechanisms.

Submitted on October 26, 2023

Updated on February 5, 2024